Best Facebook Email extractor 2020 -X2emails Review Vs MailBiz & Fbcandy

Important Notice

Hello guys, I will suggest you to everybody using x2 emails because of the high price of mailbiz but also the same feature like mailbiz.

x2emails the business account is the right investment its scrape like a crazy. In 2 days I scraped over 200k emails it’s working perfectly. I would recommend to everyone to upgrade professional account into a business .

Guys i am so happy to be here. the business plan software works like a magic. I will advice everyone to buy the business plan now so you could get what you want in order to help your business , i must confess that before now i bought more than 5 different Facebook scrapping tools from different companies but it was all a waste of my money.

I stumbled on this x2Email company while i was searching for a good Facebook data scraping tools, initially i was afraid is gonna be the same like others. but after chatting with Vicky and the support group of x2email i said ok i will give it a trial. in few minutes the software has scrapped thousands of data for me . i was so surprised.

I must say i am very satisfied with the result . sending my great thanks to Vicky and the support team of X2Emails  If you are Digital Marketer, Then this is The best tool to scrape FB page & Groups As a Performance Marketer, its is always a difficult task to find the right target audience and reach them. But X2Email, which I often call as GolinkApps is the best tool for it.

I easily scrape the competitor pages and related FB Communities, Groups and use that data to create a Lookalike Audience for my Ads. Ads targeting through this gives me the best conversion rate and ROI. So use it wisely.

The link to “X2EMAILS” can be found here.

Professional Package Link :

Business Package Referral Link :

X2emails Review: Update About Email Scraping Ratio.

“X2emails” Team Update Old features to New version ( Only For VIP users )
Now you can scrape Public Groups ( 50% to 70% Data With Names and UID ) It will scrape 50% Data not stopped at 8k or 9k results.

New Update For Fanpage Service ( I have tried latest new Service of fanpage and guess what i have used 100k fanpage and received 70k Emails in return ) No duplicates.

Convert into UID ( Email ratio increase to 70% ).
Ecom Update.
All feature related Shopify is updated with the new results.
Update is #22th May.

facebook email extractor

The Zero Stress Way to Get Started with X2Email, Even If You’re a Non-Techy Person Like Me!

Hopefully, I have covered each step correctly. Please let me know if I missed or misunderstood something.

I recommend you read all the way through and watching the very short video at the end of this post – before starting any of the steps.

I’m not part of the X2E team, I’m an end-user who’s just trying to help out, so go easy with the comments as I’m a sensitive soul


If you’re starting with a new X2Emails account, you first have to add your Facebook Account.

Before adding your Facebook account you should enable 2-factor verification (2F).

I highly recommend using a new mobile number, instead of linking your personal mobile number.

Either use your personal Facebook account (that’s your decision, I wouldn’t) or get an aged one from Fiverr or places like that.

Once you’ve decided which Facebook account you’re going to use, visit the link below and follow the (2F) setup instructions:

Now that you have (2F) set up… you did do it, right? If not, don’t wonder when your brand new X2E copy does not work.

Don’t be lazy, DO THIS STEP FIRST!

OK, ready?

Now follow this…




This tutorial assumes you already have the X2E extension installed in Chrome.

X2E will not work without it, so if you don’t have it installed, download the ZIP file (to your desktop), from the main page and follow the installation video at the end this post, first.

Once you have the X2E extension installed in Chrome, follow these steps (every time) before scraping:

Knowing what to do is the easy part, but knowing why creates clarity.

As it currently stands, X2E uses Tokens to connect to the FB API, that’s why it needs to have a fresh working cookie each time it runs.

Going through this process will ensure that you ARE LOGGED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT CORRECTLY. It’s inconvenient, I know, but that’s the way it currently is.

Once you get used to it, you’ll be doing it quickly.






01) Click on the extension icon in the browser bar which will launch the X2E login page.

02) Enter your email and password and then sign in.

03) Click on your X2Emails profile picture in the left-hand menu.

04) Select “Switch Account”

05) Scroll down to the end of the page until you see your profile picture.

06) Then click on “Remove Account”

07) Scroll all the way up to your browser bar and click on the X2Emails extension app icon, which will open the “Access Token” window in your X2Emails account.

08) Now click the Access Token “Submit” button.

09) You should see a pop-up message (with a green background), that says’, “SUCCESS: Facebook Account Added Successfully.”

10) Refresh your account by clicking on the “Dashboard” link in the left menu.

You should now see your license key next to your profile image in the top left menu and the “Cookie Valid” icon (top right of the page) should now be green. Now go ahead and run whatever campaign you want. In theory, everything should work.




A) Always scrape groups and pages with a minimum of 5k members. Scraping smaller groups/pages often leads to tears.

B) Set your Facebook account language to US English (even if you’re from Timbuktu).

C) Always check Facebook group member count via which, unlike gives an accurate representation of members in the group.

D) You can gather data from any private or public FB group or page but you must be a group member or have liked the page.

E) X2Emails is Cloud-based, so apart from the Chrome extension, there’s nothing else to install.

F) X2Emails can only be used in one tab at a time and only one computer, which means you cannot scrape in more than one place at a time. It’s simply not that kind of party

G)X2Emails has a feature called, “FB Country Wise Extractor” which enable you to filter your results via country.

H) X2Emails has an independent software called, “FBSendy” which delivers messages to your scraped profile’s inboxes. FB then sends a notification to their phone alerting them of the new message, thereby increasing the chances of your message being read. Be sure to follow facebook’s guidelines reference sending messages to non-friends. 50 per day with 380 seconds between each message is a good setting. The longer the gap between each message, the better, as you want to emulate human behavior.

I) X2Emails Pro scrapes 4% data of available data from groups and pages, while the VIP Business version gathers up to 80% of available data. In other words, if a group has 5K members, the Pro package will scrape 4% = up to 200 and the VIP Business will scrape 80% = up to 4000. These are estimates, every run will be different.

J) If you have not used X2Emails within a 24 hour period, delete, make sure you are logged in, delete your FB account and follow the process for generating a new cookie.

K) If you’re experiencing a Facebook temporary ban (as in, being locked out of your account), it most likely means that Facebook’s bot has detected an unusual login attempt to your account. The status is often temporary and you’ll just need to confirm your location to lift the ban.

How to Add Your Facebook Account to X2Emails in 5 Easy Steps

I’m not part of the X2E team, I’m an end-user who’s just trying to help out, so go easy with the comments as I’m a sensitive soul .

This tutorial assumes that you have the X2Emails Chrome extension already installed – if not, watch the installation video tutorial in the comments below.

The most important part to remember about adding your Facebook account is to perform all the actions from within a Facebook tab (window), otherwise, you will not be using the correct cookie and your account will look like this 


Now that you know, use the following steps to get the correct Facebook cookie code and add your FB account in the right way.

Step 1: Open or

Step 2: Do not navigate away from this tab (window), wait for your Facebook page to fully load, then click on the X2Emails extension

Step 3: Copy the cookie code that pops up in the little window

Step 4: Go to X2Emails and click on “Switch Account”

Step 5: Paste your cookie in the text field (no need to remove spaces) and click add. Your account should be added

How to fix MOST errors.

I’m not part of the X2E team, but this was also my frustration with the software. It seems to be a simple cookies connection. Reset the cookies and you’re good.
1) Remove facebook account (disconnect)
2) Logout
3) Login
4) Open facebook
5) Click x2emails chrome plugin (cookieS)
6) Cookies pre-fill, press submit
7) Start scraping
If you still have errors, remove your chrome plugin, re-download the newest version, and repeat.

X2Emails Fanpage V5 Review (June 15 2020)

This is based on the last update, so if you are reading this in the future, things may have changed.I had to run X2 seven times to get these results because it stopped for various reasons.

After placing all results in one file and removing duplicates, I had a 149k results from a page that had these stats:

114,378 people like this
132,075 people follow this

The best part is, 89k is USA based which is the minimum starting point requirement for my target audience.

I’m doing another run as we speak on a similar page, with similar types of followers.

1,194,386 people like this
1,201,350 people follow this

The 1st run stopped with an “Internal Server Error” warning, (no idea what that means) at 32k.

I downloaded the data and continued the search by pasting the “Next Session Url” into the “Last Session ID” field.

It’s currently at 16k and counting. I’ll update this post as the results come in.

This update is a lot faster with fewer crashes.

I’m running X2 on a Windows laptop PC, not a VPS, 8mb memory, i5 drives.

I would like to see fewer duplicates, but so far, so good. The next step is to check the lead quality.—–

Update 01: 23k and counting.

Update 02: Stopped at 28.7k with this error message: OK. Please retry extract again or download current result. So I’m downloading this file and will continue with the provided last session ID.

Note: when you press Download, depending on the size of the file, and your internet connection, it may take some time so be patient, don’t click anything else or you may lose your data.

Also, the last session ID is counterintuitive in the way that it displays the number of emails. Logically, the numbers should just continue from where they stopped, but illogically, they start at zero, making you think, “Is it scraping from the beginning again?” Well, rest assured, it isn’t, although I have found duplicates, it seems to continue searching for new data. So don’t worry, it’s another one of those quirky X2 things like calling the highest performing X2version, Business and the lower grade one, Pro, which in my eyes should be the other way around.

Update 03: Stopped at 19.4k with this error message: “OK. Please retry extract again or download current result.” I will continue with the provided last session ID.I put all the data in one spreadsheet, which came to approx 53k, the removed duplicates and these were theresults

So it appears when you enter last session ID, X2 is finding results from previous runs. I will continue testing and reporting.

Update 04: Stopped at 13.6k with this error message: “OK. Please retry extract again or download current result.” I will continue with the provided last session ID.

Update 05: Stopped at 44.3k with this error message: “OK. Please retry extract again or download current result.” I will continue with the provided last session ID.

Feels like it has slowed down a bit from the first run (should have noted the time intervals). I’m going to bed as a girl needs her beauty sleep, but I’ll leave it running and see if it’s still on in the morning. Goodnight.

Update 06: Stopped at 35.7k with this error message: “OK. Please retry extract again or download current result.” I will continue with the provided last session ID. We are now 15 hours into this project.

Update 07: Even though there is still some data to gather, I am ending this test here.


Total leads gathered: 147918Total duplicate leads: 64297Total unique leads: 83621USA leads: 68257


  • The test was run over a 17 hour period.
  • X2 had to be restarted 7 times.
  • 147k total leads are fantastic
  • However, 64297 dupes is a lot of wasted time
  • No dupes were found in all individual files
  • Dupes were found when all data was in one file


  • Provide tips on how to speed up scrapes
  • Reduce duplicate results

Update 08: Stopped at 8.4k with this error “Service Temporarily Unavailable. Please retry extract again or download current result.” I’ve not seen this type of error message before, would love to know what it means. I will continue with the provided last session ID.

Facebook group email extractor V5 and group V4

New customers are confused between group V5 and group V4 let me explain the difference between V5 and V4.

Group version 5 is for scraping public groups and with this group version 5 you can scrape those people who have engaged within posts in the group not from member list ( if you correctly read V5 rules on the service page ) it says extract emails from #posts .

Group Version 4 which works to scrape emails from members list.
i would like to request all members consider some points before scraping any private groups , facebook have restrictions to scrape private groups but still X2Emails have option to get emails from private groups but how ?

X2Emails used your token and cookie and also other fields to scrape private group.

In case if there is any pending members which is not approved in the group X2Emails will grab there details no matter if he is the member of private group or not ( if any person joined the group in past and then leave that group )

X2Emails can still scrape there members same goes for blocked members ( 4 factors for scraping members )

Facebook doesn’t allow to grab names because there is some kind of bug from facebook in the main interface facebook show more then 100k members in the group.

but when we tried to check group members from it will show you the 10k or sometimes 20k members and if we scrape 10k list and grab there data and get 7k or 8k details this is 80% .

#New_Update :  May 30 2020

No Need to Connect Facebook account or cookie Now you can scrape Groups and pages directly by selecting the service in Extension ( You Don’t have to add cookie or facebook ) Some of the features doesn’t even need cookie and token anymore you can use those features on X2Emails Dummy facebook accounts ( But For groups features and Fanpage V5 ) You have to use the extension.

#New_Update : June 13 2020

X2emails have added last session ID box where you can always see the numbers and even in case if your scraping stopped you will have last session ID in that box on the right side , copy that number and put into last session ID ( Your scraping will be start from the end where it’s left ).

The technical team improved the speed of ( Service #VIP_V5_Fanpage ) Now you can have more results then last update

X2emails Team are still updating Group Extractor V5 ( Which works for public groups ) so if you face any issue don’t worry it will be fixed in the morning.

Notice: June 8 2020

Important Notice For those Customers ( Who used X2Emails on daily basis ) Please Always Log out and login back your X2Emails account after 24 hours or 48 hours You can’t keep using it for longer because if your session is expired of X2Emails your extraction will work for only 100 to 50 emails for all services not more then that .

Always Log out and login back your facebook account when you are about start #New scraping ( One time ) I have checked on anydesk customers are using the Old session and keep scraping with old session which makes your scraping ratio 0.1% 😑 so always log out and login back your account after 24 hours so you can start scraping with your newly session.

MailBiz is the world’s first complete web-based Facebook email extractor. It is the best software for the extraction purpose out there in the market in terms of speed, functionality, and reliability.

It consists of a team of developers, marketers, and supporters for delivering amazing service. Active for 3 years now, it is still running and developing every day. It has also updated from Desktop version to Web-Based version.


Impotent Notice:

Mailbiz Is Dead Now. Currently X2Emails Working Well.

What Is MailBiz?

MailBiz was previously known as FbCandy. It was founded by CEO Adam Tran. But later on, he decided to change the domain to “”.  The main purpose was to rebrand a new version with a faster algorithm for scraping Facebook pages, groups, profiles, etc. and enhance consumer usability.


Also, the scraping tool in FBCandy was a little inconsistent, and customers had some issues regarding the customer support service. However, this new version has fixed these problems, and it works faster with better completion rates. Think of it as an upgrade, with more functions and convenience.

Consumers who had access to FbCandy and were using its services were emailed about the transformation with a thank you note. They were notified about the new version and had no hindrance to their usage. It only made their experience better.

With an estimated number of 350,000,000+ targeted emails extraction count from online and offline niches, MailBiz remains at number one position for its services. It boasts of 50000+ paid clients and 30000+ free clients, and these numbers increase day by day.



facebook email extractor

The link to MailBiz can be found here.


Features: Facebook Email, Phone, and UID Extractor

MailBiz is a powerful scraping tool. It allows users to extract data from potential customers from anywhere, helping you to create a vast database for your marketing campaigns.

Email marketing allows you to get targeted quality traffics. For that, you have to know the details of the email marketing strategy. Collecting email addresses is the first step towards this goal.

Let’s go through the main features of MailBiz one by one:

How to extract email addresses from facebook

One of the most important researches on email marketing hinges on obtaining email addresses from Facebook groups, Facebook accounts, and Facebook pages. Users have the facility to obtain email IDs and phone numbers from different sources on Facebook. You can harvest real traffic with this stunning tool.

The ways one can do this are as follows:

Fanpages email extractor

This relates to the different pages out there on Facebook, focusing on a specific or bunch of interests. Using this will help you target the people who like these pages and are interested in such related topics.

MailBiz will invoke an algorithm that will search through the posts on the page. The tool will search through every post from the start. After pressing EXTRACT, the extraction of email addresses and phone numbers from the Facebook accounts will start.

It will also extract information from the Facebook accounts that have shown recent activity on the page. In order to stop the extraction process after attaining some data, simply press stop.

Facebook Post Email Extractor

In Facebook people post about their likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies. By using this you would identify the people are whom you should target.

Facebook Groups Email Extractor

Groups are like Fanpages where members talk about shared interests. However, it is more constricted in the sense that sometimes admins only approve requests from those who can answer some questions regarding the subject of the group.

This helps to select only those people who are genuinely interested in the topic. You can get hold of emails of hundreds of targeted Facebook groups. It is a great way to sell whatever you want to.

In order to extract the email IDs and phone numbers of people, you should ensure that the group is public. If it is private, then it is necessary for you to be a member of it to access the information.


You can also target potential customers through their profiles. Profiles are basically Facebook accounts of people. Each profile is associated with a unique User ID that helps identify the person using it.

Friend lists

This feature allows you to get the email addresses and phone numbers of all the people whom you have in your Facebook account.


The Subscribers feature allows you to extract emails from a fan page. Note that you can only extract from user reviews.

Uid Converter

This converter enables you to find out emails and phone numbers of people only using their unique UIDs. This is like a representation of a profile. If you do not know the name of a person’s profile but only know their UID, then you can use this over here.

Using the UID Extractor, you can find out the UID of a profile. It can extract UIDs of accounts from Profiles, Posts, and Groups.

P.S. MailBiz will help you collect emails from users who left their emails in the comments section.

 ID Finder

When using MailBiz, you will see that in order to extract the email address and phone numbers, you will need to insert a unique ID. This ID is called Facebook Object ID and can be found by the ID Finder. It helps you to identify pages and groups with this number just by inserting the URLs of the desired page or group in the prompted field.

Email Verify

This is a relatively new option. Many times, it is seen that some people use fake, made-up email addresses to represent themselves. This hinders the purpose of targeting people through their emails, as the intended people would never be reached if their email IDs were wrong in the first place.

The feature, Email Verify, is the best way to verify emails. It allows you to identify the genuine, real email IDs from the fake ones, hence optimizing your search results.

Advanced Features 

FBAds Scanner and FBEcom are two great tools if you are involved in doing Ecommerce Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and related services. You will always stay updated. It also helps you to make your own store successful with the help of Facebook Ads. These features will help you make more money with your store and gain huge success.

You will be able to collect information about the most recently launched products along with the Best Seller of Today, Best Seller of Last week, Newly Launched Products, Product Revenue and Just-Launched Products that are selling like hotcakes! Also, it delivers information on just-launched products that are potentially profitable

These features also give you the ability to scan and spy on any competitor’s sponsored ads on Facebook and reveal your competitors’ ads performance, that too in real-time. MailBiz also informs you about how many products are sold daily and what the daily revenue is.



Usability of MailBiz software is easy and simple. No complex instructions. Just click on the tool and you get all your customers’ data.

The input to the Email, Phone, UID Extractor, and ID Finder can either be in the form of a single ID or a text file containing a list of IDs. The data in the text file must be stored in a single column for the functionality.

The resulting data is generated with just one click. Within seconds, the information is displayed in the form of a table where there are individual columns for different entities. The headings include Email, Name, UID, Phone Number, Location, Birthday and Gender.

One also has the option to download the results on his desktop, in the form of a CSV file. This can be opened, viewed and modified by programs like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

MailBiz has a user-friendly design, fashioned to give a soothing outlook. It also has a dashboard that basically shows a summary of your activity. Incorporated with a 24/7 chat option for customer support, it is always ready to help you. You can also reach out by email or through the sale page.


Why use MailBiz?

MailBiz is estimated to have a total of 50000+ paid clients that have profited so far with a margin $20+ through its tools. Considering the different features and usability, MailBiz is the ultimate solution to retrieve data from potential customers for your business. The information will help you to contact them and hence, capture more market.

Having one of the best email finding sources, you can get access to real data from the Facebook platform, making your task very simple. MailBiz provides you with accurate emails in a very short time and extracts email addresses by interests, subjects, and keywords from Facebook through its Facebook email extractor.

The effort to send one or a thousand emails is more or less the same. Successful businessmen and entrepreneurs say that time is much more precious than money. The lesser time you spend on unnecessary tasks, the more time you will have for your different business goals.

By collecting clients’ email addresses, you can apply a lot of strategic marketing plans. Email marketing can be said to be a cost-effective digital marketing tactic that takes very little investment to get started.

You can find and exploit potential customer data and product trends on social networks and eCommerce sites. For instance, you can manage and start your email or SMS marketing campaigns. You can also spy on any product from eCommerce websites.

It is estimated that the reach through email is far greater than that by social media. People want to stay informed about your brand, and email marketing is one of the best ways to stay engaged with your audience. Also, email marketing is one of the most affordable ways to engage the maximum number of potential customers and requires fewer costs to maintain.

Keep in mind that MailBiz is not applicable to any specific profession. From freelancers and eCommerce business owners to marketers, everyone can benefit from this software.

Pricing Plans

Everyone wants great value for their money. And you will get that with MailBiz. Coming in a 4-plan policy, each having attractive packages, MailBiz is the ideal software out there for your customer capturing needs.

facebook email extractor

It is a known fact that the first steps in every business are the most difficult ones. Investment is one of those first steps. Think of subscribing to MailBiz as a wise investment, which will lead you to having long successful prospects and help attain vast opportunities.

MailBiz maintains stable success in the competitive market by its portable pricing plans. The 4-plans up for subscription are as follows:

  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Business (ideal)
  • Ecommerce



Details of the pricing plans can be found here. Also, from time to time, discounts and offers are given. The deals are available for limited time periods and it is best to avail them when you can. You can always chargeback for a refund if the software is not working for you. Your low investment is protected by a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Pro Tips :

Spy Facebook Ads > Extract target email > send them Your offer > BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

For Special Discount Visit  Here & insert this coupon : MB-WELCOME when signing up for Mailbiz with Your email, and you get an additional $20 off! 



Not everybody has the ability and time to code their own scrapers. Why not let MailBiz do this for you? Guaranteeing a failproof and optimal email finder software, MailBiz is able to collect real traffic and data for users.

It gives you full database including UIDs, phone numbers, email addresses and genders of users in any Facebook groups, Facebook fan pages, and your Facebook friend lists. Getting a hand of unlimited potential customers is easy with MailBiz. A wise businessman would never say no to that kind of functionality.

With the growth of social media platforms, marketing has become a more competitive battle than ever with endless choices and ways for advertising. Email marketing is becoming more and more popular year after year. Many people think of it as a significant key to any business.

MailBiz gives its users a comprehensive data of the best-selling items from every leading eCommerce markets like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, AliExpress, etc. You can continuously get updates of each and every trending products.

Long story short, MailBiz is the best Facebook email extractor available right now. It is a must-have tool. By opening doors to new horizons, it shows you the many opportunities that one can undertake.

It is a moneymaker which reaches out to all your target customers. Email marketing and eCommerce businesses are growing at an unprecedented rate in this digital age and you can use MailBiz to your advantage to profit in many ways.

>>> Signup here now and start rolling!

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