Video Tutorial: X2Emails

Not always Reading articles make things easy. To see how really X2Emails works don’t go anywhere and see the below video tutorials

For your convenience, we have shown step-by-step tutorials

1| Facebook Fan Page Extractor (Normal Service)

The fan page extractor lets you extract data from fan pages. You can extract about 60% of the data from pages. That means if you scrape 100 emails you can expect to get 60 emails with data easily.

2| Facebook Group Extractor (Country Wise)

With the help of this service, you can extract data from Facebook groups. The Good news is: you can even extract emails from your chosen country!

3| Convert UID to Email (Normal Service)

You can also turn your UID into emails. It is a completely different service. Just get your group or page UID from URL and paste it to the box and you will be able to convert UID to emails.

4| Convert UID to phone numbers (Normal Service)

In case If you want SMS marketing, you can convert UID to phone numbers. It is as same as converting UID to emails. Just you need the UID

5| Facebook Fan Page V5 (VIP service)

Extract information from Facebook fan pages. It is a VIP service and works quite well. In the case of fan pages typically we get up to 60% of the data in return when scraping.

6| Facebook Friend Email Extractor (Normal Service)

This service lets you convert your Facebook friends into emails. Just you need an account full of friends. But remember not to use your personal account. Rather, use marketing or female account.

7| Facebook Group Extractor V4 (VIP Service)

This is an advanced version 4 of the group extractor tool.

8| Facebook Group Extractor V5 ( VIP Service )

The 5th more advanced version of the Facebook group extractor is this one. In the case of generating more data or information you may have to use this platform.

9| Facebook Group Phones Extractor ( Normal Service )

Extract the phone numbers from a Facebook group easily with this service. For often SMS marketing we usually use this service.

10| Group Member UID Extractor

Extract Group Member’s UID using this feature. You can gradually accumulate the UID’s of your group members and convert it to emails in your convenient time later.

11| 1st: How to Install Extension v5

X2Emails also provide an extension of version 5 which is installable on any pc browser. It actually saves your time.

12| How to Scrape Sponsored Post

Scrape data from sponsored posts. This service only allows you to scrape sponsored posts. It once helped me a lot because the sponsored post gets more valuable interactions than any other.

13| UID Interactive Post

14| UID To Email Convert ( Country Wise )

This service is a great opportunity for you if you are doing local business or if you are on a certain continent. Convert UID to emails of any country you would like.

15| Instagram Extractor

In the case of scraping data from Instagram, this tool helped me a lot. It is often a lot of time consumer when it comes to manually scrape emails from Instagram influencer.

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