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Are you currently trying to grow new potential clients through email marketing?

If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love it if you answered one quick question:

Are you currently trying to grow new potential clients through email marketing?

If you do and don’t know how to step up your email marketing game, then YOU ARE LITERALLY LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE and here are the

  • HUGE REACH – Did you know that 72% of people prefer to receive business communication by email? This is about 4x more people than those who prefer social media!
  • CHEAP – Let’s be honest here, small businesses are working with a limited budget, so I believe you need the most affordable ways to reachand engage to the largest amount of audience.Email marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing tactic that takes very little investment to get started. Moreover, it is also relatively inexpensive to maintain over time, allowing small businesses to get more for their marketing spend.
  • TIME EFFORTLESS – The efforts to send one or 100,000 emails are nearly one and the same! And as we all know, time is much more precious than money. So the lesser time you spend on unnecessary tasks, the more time you have for your different business/personal goals!
  • FLEXIBLE – There is so much room for you to improvise with email marketing. You have all the freedom to plan out, segmentate, personalize, then automate all your future emails. So basically emails are being sent out clients are being converted,all while you are sleeping in such a breeze!
  • With these facts in mind, you’re damn CRAZY if you aren’t using email marketing!

    Given how cheap email is to send — and how painless it is to ignore — treat it like television. Once you start thinking about email as a broadcast medium, you can begin to fret less about taking up precious space in a finite inbox, and think more about maximizing how many people your message reaches, and how often.

  • Remember, people want to stay informed about your brand, and EMAIL MARKETING is one of the BEST WAYS TO STAY ENGAGED with that audience.

    So what are you thoughts?

  • And what surprises can you expect from me?

    Over the course of this week, I’ll be sharing some email marketing tips, checking in with you and showing you awesome tips and tricks on how to fully optimize Mailbiz to scale your businesses.

Please keep me posted.
Just remember, I’m always just one article away if you need help. 🙂

How to explode your sales today?


Hope you’ve been having an effective working week.

Thank you for taking your precious time following through until this article.

We are always here in the hope of providing you with something valuable for you – your business.

Because we understand the first steps in the business process are always difficult. You’re running on all cylinders trying to build your business. You have a long to-do list that seems to grow longer every day. You just don’t have enough hours in the day. And it’s easy to become so stressed out that you want to quit just from thinking about it.

That’s why we’ve built Mailbiz to help businesses like you – to grow, and most importantly, to make your first steps of finding customers easily, with the least burden as possible.

We hope that MailBiz has somehow brought valuable results for your business. For that reason, we are offering different MailBiz packages suitable for each business:

facebook email extractor

So what are you waiting for? Register NOW and start growing your business with MailBiz!


Discover the features of Mailbiz today!


Wish you’ve been having an effective working week!

In this article, we’ll be sharing some tips about all the great benefits of our MailBiz Email Extractor lifetime plan, how it could help you find endless potential customer’ contact lists for your business.

So what are the those great features of Mailbiz?

Fanpage and Post Extracto – this function helps you collect emails from all comments from users who actually received their emails in the comment section.

Group extract – this function extracts email from all users in a specific group. Remember, it must be an OP group if you are not a member of the group. If it is a closed group, you must be a member of that group to function.

Profile extract – here it will track emails from every friend in your friend’s list and make it even more exciting – from your friends’ friends! So like the tip of the Group Extractor that I gave you, if your friend’s business is related to cats, you can absolutely use this to your advantage!

Friends Extractor – this function helps you extract emails from multiple UIDs. You just need to select the UID extract, then extract all UIDs from multiple friends at that time.

Subscriber extract – this new feature allows you to extract emails from a Fan page. Remember that you can only extract from user reviews in Fanpage extract. But by the way, you extract straight from the tracker’s profile.

Don’t forget to explore these great features and see it for yourself!   (gài link vào chữ Mailbiz)

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