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Fb Sendy – Buy it or No?

Before I start my Fbsendy review i am feeling the need to post who am i.

I am the administrator of msow.gr which is a marketplace in Greece.

I have 45 e-stores (until now) and a lot of work to do everyday.

As you can see marketing is a “must” to my job.Everyday i have to manage new promotion techniques that will make profit.

My life became easier when i discovered X2emails developers.I created a VIP account and i started to use x2email facebook email scraper with huge success to my revenue (my sales were increased over 150%).

Fbsendy Review – Facebook mass message sender

Then I’ve heard for an upcoming software called Facebook Sendy which will scrape UID’s from groups etc and it will send messages via messenger.

I was thrilled and i was counting day by day to buy it (i was at first 5 buyers).
With only 99$ i bought it.

I started using it,I’ve insert 2 facebook accounts and Facebook banned both of them.
But … Every time there is a but….

Let’s take things from the beginning..

I’ve scraped from a Group about 3900 UID’s (total members of group were about 4500 people).

I used my first Facebook account to send messages to those people inviting them to like my facebook page.The invitation was like this…

“Hi.I am inviting you to like my page https://facebook.com/msow.gr”

As you can see it was a combination of plain text and URL (i thought “let’s test it with facebook link to avoid ban to my external site”)

The timer of fbsendy was set to 360 seconds per message.

How Fbsendy reacted?

It started to do what was made of. Sending messages…

In about 380 message i looked up to my account and i found out that messages have been stoped sending after about 100-150 due to messenger ban for spamming.

I mean fbsendy was still trying to send them but facebook didn’t deliver them.

So i stopped and tried with my second account.

I scraped a new group (5500 UID’s of about 7000 members)

My new message was “Hi.Do you want to become our dropshipper? Message me”
Plain text with no Url

The set up of FBSendy was 120 seconds per message.

How Fbsendy reacted?

Almost the same as my first message. Bottom line was that.After about 100-150 messages i was banned again from sending messages.

Now i need to clarify that FACEBOOK DOES NOT BANNED MY ACCOUNT but the potential of sending messages for a couple of hours.

Now both of my facebook accounts are working fine.Ban has a duration of about 24 hours.
This was the “damage” but – as i said there is always a BUT- what were the profit of FBSendy?

Message 01. I got 25 new likes until now (from about 150 messages,75 people read them)

Message 02. I got 7 replies and the 4 of them became my drop-shippers. I’ve made a profit of 15×4 = 60 euros every month!!!!!!!! (from 150 messages,40 people read them)

These result are until now.

What is the future of FBSendy?

I spoke with the developers of x2emails and i provided to them my ideas of taking FBSendy to next level.They listen to me and promised that i will have the beta updated version for testing.

So what will be?


Let’s take thinks one by one.The first step is to learn facebook rules.Facebook says that you can send 50 messages per day to people you don’t know,otherwise you will get banned.We have to respect that.

So at new version of FBSendy we will have to option to select how many messages an account will send.After that amount FBSendy will be “autochange” to another account .

Step 02. Next version will have a field that you can send a picture (one picture is a thousand words)

Step 03. Next version will have the option to… I will keep this to myself.

When will the update go live? As I’ve learned about 1 to 10 February.

But until next version?

Well I’ve manage the current version to work without getting banned.Here is how to do.

Set FbSendy to send each message for 120 seconds.That means that it will send 30 messages per hour.Set up your clock to remind you to stop sending messages after that.

Go to your UID’s text file and erase the first 30 UID’s.

Open up again FBsendy,switch your account, import the new txt file,set it to 120 seconds and send.After 1 hour stop it.

That is enough for one day.You may repeat this tomorrow or even better after 2-3 days.
Bottom line…

Does it worth buying? ABSOLUTELY YES!!!

Do you need to buy it? IF YOU ARE A SERIOUS MARKETER YES!!!

Do you need to wait for the updated version? NO…Nein..Niet…Oxi (in all languages NO)

Why? Think about it…With current version i paid 99$ and i gained in 2 days 60euros (in EU we have euros.

60 euros are about 70$)As you can see i all ready almost got my money back.

Also if we buy FBSendy we are encouraging the developers to improve their product.We may have some new ideas that they will “come” from using it.

Finally…The basic rule of Marketing.Today with only 99$ (149$ for new members) lifetime you will buy a product that has a brilliant future.Maybe “tomorrow” this product will cost 500$.So don’t let the opportunity goes away!

That is my FBSendy review. Looking forward to your comments.

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P.S I am already thinking of buying another Fbsendy (Facebook mass message sender) licence too (for my other pc)