Fbsendy Review 2021


Here is my Review for Fb Sendy.

As an idea is great…

But it needs a lot of work to make it right.

Facebook has very tight rules and now FbSendy does not consider them.

After 2 days of use,i’ve managed to block 2 facebook accounts from sending messages.

I tried the first time,sending my Facebook page url and after sending 100 messages facebook blocked my potential for sending messages.

Then i tried with another fb account by sending plain text message and same happened.After about 100 messages facebook blocked my potential of sending messages.

The timer between 2 tests was at the first 360 seconds and second at 120 seconds.

I discussed this with x2emails team and they will fixed this issue on their new fbsendy updated version,so we have to wait for a couple of days.

In this point i need to mention my results.

From my first message i got a response from about 50 users (they liked my facebook page).

From my second message i got 2 new clients!!!!

This is most important for me 🙂


FBSendy is a great tool which will be the future of marketing.

Does it need work to do?

Of course.

There is nothing that is perfect from the first time.

So,we have a future in-front,full of promises

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