Hi X2Emails Customers X2Emails is back.

Thank you for be patients & We appreciate for your help in this hard time so finally the application is back on the working.

Login back to your application with the same email & password we have now 7 features in the application below i have mentioned that.

7 Features.

  • Professional version Features.
  • Facebook Fanpage Scraping ( Email / phone ) Both fields can be scrape.
  • Facebook Group Scraping ( Email / phone ) Both fields can be to scrape.
  • Business Version Features.
  • Facebook Fanpage 6.0 Scraping ( Email / phone ) Both fields can be scrape.
  • Facebook Private Group 6.0 Scraping ( Email / phone ) Both fields can be scrape.
  • Facebook Public Group 6.0 Scraping ( Email / phone ) Both fields can be scrape.
  • Keyword Searcher ( You can search groups list by keywords & also you can search fanpages by keywords you can have the list of followers with group & page list so easy to find good audience group & page.
  • New Find my facebook ID tool.

How Fanpage 6.0 function to collect data ?

Biz Fanpage works to collect all the fanpage posts & then collect their UID of reactions , comments , shares & then system convert that UID into data for you so basically the system doesn’t need cookie & token anymore.

most of the customers think fanpage function works to scrape fanpage likers but that’s not true the system only works to scrape the fanpage posts reaction,comments,shares data. Also please be advised if any customer use the dead page which doesn’t have

any engagement on the posts of fanpage the service will not collect any data for you & then customers complaint the service is so slow & not working so better to use at least active page which have better engagement on the posts.

Private Group 6.0 Function.

X2Emails 5.0 Was having some issues for Private group scraping sometimes it was working & sometimes stopped so we have designed new extension which will help customers to collect the data of group members. 5.0 was limited due to facebook place the limits on members list

but after new update the group data members is showing more then 10,000 so now you can have at least 50,000 plus UID of any 100,000 members group also the phone numbers ratio is increased in this update.

Those customers who have recently purchased Business package sign up your x2emails account & send me the email of the account so i can activate it.

The live support ( Vicky , Momin , Ivan ) they will be available from tomorrow morning below are the working hours.

10 : 00 AM to 6 : 00 PM (GMT+3)