Key points of email marketing

So I’ve been sharing some key points of email marketing and I truly hope you found some value there.

And most importantly, I believe you DID take your first baby steps.

If so, congratulations on getting your email marketing done, and taking massive actions to grow your business! So now you must know:

1) How awesome email marketing is comparing to other digital marketing channels

2) The key steps to start and level up your email marketing game, but there is one more thing –

3) Do you really know how to OPTIMIZE your email extracting process with MAILBIZ?

Here are the few helpful tips that I want to share:

Let’s talk about the mail feature – Email Extractor:

  • Fanpage and Post Extractor – this function helps you to collect emails from every comment from users who actually MENTIONED their emails in the comment section. As the name says it all, if
    • You choose the Fanpage option – it’ll extract emails from every comment in THE WHOLE FANPAGE.
    • You choose the Post option – it’ll only extract emails from comments in the SPECIFIC post that you’ve chosen.
  • Group Extractor – this function extracts emails from every PUBLIC users in a specific group. Remember, it has to be an OPEN group if you are not a member of it. If it’s a CLOSED group, then you have to be a ACTUAL MEMBER of that group for this function to work. TIPS: For example, if you are targeting cat-lovers audience then you can join every cats-related groups and extract those future potential clients!
  • Profile Extractor – here it will track emails from every friend on your friendlist, and to make it even more fun – from friends of your friends! So the same as the Group Extractor tip I gave you, if your friend’s business is somehow related to cats, you can definitely use this to your advantage!
  • Friends Extractor – this function helps you to extract emails from MULTIPLE UIDs. You simply choose UID extractor, then extract all the UIDs from MULTIPLE friends AT THE SAME TIME.
  • Subscriber Extractor – this new feature allows you to extract emails STRAIGHT from every FOLLOWERS from a Fanpage. Remember you could only extract from users’ COMMENTS in the Fanpage Extractor? But using this, you extract STRAIGHT from followers’ profile.

Then as simple as that, you might as well apply all the above information to the Phone Extractor function. 😉

Feeling lost is never a pleasant feeling. So I really hope after reading this email you will have a clearer mind with more confidence to achieve your goals.

And…I’M OUT for today. 😉