Discover the superior features of Mailbiz

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In this article I will show you all the amazing features of MailBiz that can help you find and exploit potential customer data and product trends on social networks, eCommerce sites. Current top: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, Shopify…


So why should you use MailBiz?

  • MailBiz will help you collect emails from every users’ who actually left their emails in the comments section.
  • Extract emails from all users in various Facebook groups. Remember, it must be a Public Group if you are not a member of the group. If it is a private group, you must be a member of that group in order to extract email information.
  • Moreover, extract emails from every friend on your friends list and to make it even more interesting – from your friends’ friends!  For example, if your friend’s business is related to your business niche, you can absolutely use this to your advantage!
  • Also, export email from multiple UIDs. You just need to select the UID extract feature, then extract all the UIDs from many friends at that time. Remember that you can only extract from user’ comments in Fan Page extract feature? But with this UID feature, you can extract straight from the user’s profile.

Visit MailBiz and see it for yourself :