How to start email marketing the right way

So as promised, in this article  I’m going to show you how to start email marketing the right way.

Aren’t you as excited as I am to get started?

If YES?! Great! Let’s dive in!


The first and most important factor determining your business success is your CUSTOMERS. There’s just no other way around that.


And you’re probably banging your head around a brick wall trying to find potential customers’ database?!

Well, what you need to get started the quickest way is an email extracting tool for your long-term plan.

X2Emails helps you to extract email addresses, phone numbers, FB UIDs, …. in just under 5 minutes. You can quickly and easily obtain every potential customer from targeted FB fanpage, and groups relating directly to your product.


Failing to prepare insightful and personalized content is preparing to fail.

No matter how many email lists you extract, how funnily creative you think your content is – at the end of the day, if the content is NOT relevant to your reader, your every effort will go down the rain.

Therefore, be well-researched and focus on providing immediate relevance to your true intentions. The lower the cognitive load, the higher the rate of your reader’s response.


You’re not running an email list just for the fun of it – you’re there to engage customers and make sales.

Email marketing is all about expectations, and it’s up to you to set them.

If you promise to deliver one email per week and instead deliver them daily, you setting yourself up for a serious customers’ disappointment. And vice versa, if someone is expecting exciting daily updates and you don’t deliver, then you can be sure they would be just as upset as the previous case too.

Also, drop some sales pitch here and there since you don’t want to throw a random pitch right to their face all of the sudden. Therefore, you’ll have a much more successful campaign if people expect sales pitches every once in a while.

This is why it’s very important to set the right expectation and consistently focus on living up to that.

And voila! That’s everything for today. I don’t want to paralyze you with too much information overload. Since I believe everything takes time to “marinate”. 🙂

I hope you are ready to take first baby steps towards the wildest future that your heart desires.

So I’m super excited for you to get started. Please REMEMBER this:

You don’t have to have a perfect plan or wait for “right” moment – you just have to get started.

There will NEVER be a right time to start, and there will always be plenty of reasons to put your personal goals on hold.

So it is time to take action! Go start prospecting, get your emails out there, start using email marketing to build your business because you will be amazed by the results.

Until next time!