X2EMails Review – Don’t Buy X2EMails Until You read this

This is the real X2emails review from a real customer who has X2emails access from product creator.

X2EMails Review = Worth OR Not

The answer is simple.


But before you think that you will buy a subscription and gain 231654134$ you should consider some things…

The most important is that FACEBOOK is MARK ZUCKENBERG’s store not X2emails…

This means that facebook can change it’s algorithm whenever Mark says and X2emails must “dance to the rhythm Facebook has”.

In other words, when facebook is changing something then the developers of X2emails must change also.

That explains the update’s frequency and problems.

x2emails review
x2emails review

Think about…

Do you think that Mark – a billionaire- is so stupid to let you scraping all of his client’s database for free???

Facebook has about 1.000.000 developers. How many X2emails has???

What i want to say is that we -the subscribers- must be patient. If you think that you can do better that X2emails developers please feel free to try .

So stop complaining and try to keep up or you should try all other Facebook Email Extractor (i can provide you a list) and when you see the difference you will return to X2emails.

Another major thing is …Did you see a little popup when you login to X2emails???

This is NOT a welcome message.This is the instructions…Follow them and you will have the best results.

Some of the users saying “You have to try it before you publish it”


The devs of X2emails are so smart to create something from scratch and they don’t try it???

It is different when you trying something with 10 users and when you do the same with 1000 users. So my friends we need to be patient.

I know what you thinking but I AM NOT SOMEONE OF THE X2emails team.

I am just a subscriber as you.

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Be patient,support the team for continue developing,think smart and if you want to gain money from Scrapping send me your comment to tell you about not in private,here in comment section.